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Our Company in Brief

For over 20 years, Ultimate Audio AZ has specialized in providing the best options in high performance audio equipment to audio enthusiastsincluding audiophiles and first-time buyers, alike. Together, our passion for high performance audio along with our pursuit of the best that technology has to offer distinguish us apart from others.

Our Background

Our founder Russell Fincher brings a wealth of diverse experiences and expertise to Ultimate Audio AZ. Russ spent decades in the energy industry, working up to the position of Senior Research Engineer—spending extended periods in more than 20 countries throughout the world, overseeing exploratory drilling operations. Russ developed a rich appreciation of different cultures and a keen interest in the arts— particularly music. Additionally, through an associated, licensed contractor business,  Russ has acquired considerable expertise in home audio system design and set-up.

Russell Fincher

Russell Fincher  

Alta Audio
Our Philosophy

We’re engaged in a different kind of research and exploration, ‘drilling’ down through the full range of high performance audio brands and more esoteric offerings to recommend only the very best, most cost-efficient options to our customers. As a result, we’re Authorized Dealers of two, extraordinary brands. Learn more about about our Bel Canto Audio Components and Alta Audio Speakers. One of the best features of our business is our Consulting Service, designing and setting up high performance home audio systems, and placing speakers optimally—services that we’re delighted to offer FREE of charge to our valued customers.

 to experience the Best High Performance Audio in our Listening Rooms.

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