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Pre-Owned & Demo Equipment

Our valued customers sometimes trade up to newer versions of the audio components and speakers on which they love listening to music and other streaming media. Whenever this occurs, we first ensure that their Pre-Owned equipment is either still under warranty, or up to the manufacturer’s high standards. Then, we make this Pre-Owned equipment available to you, priced as attractively as possible.

Additionally, when new models arrive, we make our demonstration models available, also priced as reasonably as possible. 

Note: the links to our current offering of Pre-Owned & Demo equipment (below) connect you to descriptions of the latest versions of each piece of equipment listed. The ONLY item listed below that’s no longer in production is the Io Speaker (pair) by Alta Audio—which links to a brief decription of this item, instead.

Alta Audio Speakers
Titanium Hestia

Call for favorable pricing on any piece of equipment listed (above)the savings are well worth the call!

 to experience the Best High Performance Audio in our Listening Rooms.

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