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Services – FREE Consulting

We are pleased to offer the following consulting services FREE of charge to our Valued Customers:

System Selection

We work closely with you to select the best possible audio components for your particular listening tastes—both in terms of individual components, and to ensure that all your audio system components perform optimally together. Whether you’re purchasing an entirely new system, or combining new components with existing ones, we assist you to make the best choices for your listening pleasure—and your budget.


Once we’ve helped you select the components that complete your high performance audio system, we set up your entire system for you—ensuring that all connections are as they should be—and that all components and functionalities are fully operational. 

Speaker placement

Speaker placement is critical to ensuring that you’re hearing stereo separation or a surround sound system optimally. This may vary considerably depending on the speakers you select—thus, this last step is just as, if not more important than system selection and set-up.

 to experience the Best High Performance Audio in our Listening Rooms.

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