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Alta Audio – (Demo) Io Speakers

Ultimate Audio AZ is proud to be an Authorized Alta Audio Dealer

Part of Alta Audio’s Legacy Series (no longer in production), our demo model (pair) of Alta Audio Io Speakers packs a formidable puncha highly desirable alternative to other compact ‘bookshelf’ speakers, presenting tremendous valuenow at attractive, REDUCED demo model pricing.

Io Demo Speakers

Rosewood Demo Model (stands not included)

Alta’s Io presents a large and wide sonic image with extraordinary bass. Its diminutive footprint belies the wallop of its sonic presentation; intimate details of a live performance are presented as is, with complete neutrality and three-dimensional imaging associated with the finest concert halls. The IO was created using the same XTL transmission line bass and DampHard cabinet construction on the faceplate as Alta Audio’s acclaimed Celesta FRM-2M speaker. Yet it does so at a price that is within reach of music lovers at every level—from audiophiles to casual listeners, now REDUCED even further.

Alta Audio Io Technical Specifications 

Height: 14.5 inches
Width: 8.5 inches
Depth: 13 inches 
Weight: 27 pounds

Driver complement:
– One 2 inch ribbon tweeter
– One 7 inch midrange/woofer  
– One 7 inch midrange/woofer

Sensitivity: 89.5 dB / 2.83 Volts @ 1 Meter
Frequency Response: 42Hz to 47kHz
Impedance: 4.Ohms  
Requirements: 50 to 150 Watts per channel
Alta XTL Bass with DampHard faceplate

Call for favorable pricing on our last pair of Alta Io Speakersthe savings alone are well worth the call!

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